Using iPad as Kiosk for Lead Generation at Conference

Hey friends. I’m looking at using an iPad as a kiosk to capture leads at my booth at an upcoming conference. I’ve looked into iCapture and QuickTapSurvey, but neither seem right.


  1. Does anyone know of any apps that integrate with Infusionsoft besides those two that could allow me to create an attractive sign-up form that would add contacts?

2) Has anyone done any DIY with an iPad-kiosk type of sign up?

I can create the page on my site (WP) or through LeadPages. But I’d like it to NOT look like a web page–so hiding navigation, etc. It would also need to redirect back to the page sign-up page once someone signs up.

Thanks for any input!

Why not just use a public webform that has the information you need on it? I did this with an Add to Network form.

Open Safari and go to the URL for the hosted Infusionsoft form. Once loaded, tap the Menu button and find the option to Add to Home Screen.

Now, whenever you need the form, just tap the shortcut!