Visitor Registration in our lobby that connects to Infusionsoft

I’m looking to have a device for visitor registration in our lobby (real estate office), most likely an ipad, that will collect information for visitors that once completed will seamlessly integrate with infusionsoft. I’d love for the situation to be automated so that based on the series of questions answered that the person is tagged and immediately entered into a follow up marketing campaign. Does any such integration exist for this purpose of visitor registration that integrates with Infusionsoft at such a level?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi James,

If you just need to put data in the system, you could potentially make a mobile-friendly web page with a multi-step form for this purpose.

Depending on design it could be easier to code a quick page from scratch or use an Infusionsoft page.

Where this solution breaks down is if the end user needs to enter an email / login and then see information from their record. That is more involved.

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I’m not concerned with them seeing or accessing their info. I just want the visitor info once entered to push directly into Infusionsoft and trigger a campaign based on answers. Just looking to make sure all our visitors continue to hear from us in an automated way.

Yeah, @James_Clark. No app needed, you can accomplish this all in the campaign builder. just put together a nice landing page and have it redirect back to itself when someone fills it out and have it connected to an email sequence.

Hardest part would be to get it to look the way you want.