Using artificial intelligence to gain insights into contacts' motivations

Has anyone had luck integrating AI software into Keap to gain data analytics insights? We have been using Keap for ~9 years, have 100K+ contacts, and send 1M emails/month. We have all of this data!

What I am thinking is a software/crawler that could be fed some educated guesses about what certain email open/click patterns mean. Over time, through data analysis and machine learning, the inferences it draws become more certain. Eventually, the software could start to provide sales information, for example, “I am 82% certain that Mike Jones of Jones Manufacturing is interested in purchasing a machine maintenance service plan.”


We have been working on extracting data out of Keap and running it through AI for some of our clients. If you’d like to have a call to discuss what we might be able to do. Here’s my info.

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Jeff, thanks for reaching out. I booked a time. I will email you some data analysis that we had done by an outside consultant. It helped us tremendously to understand user experience and to modify existing and new campaigns. I understand you are busy and may not have any time to review it.

Thanks, Max