Keap new customer automation


All I want to know is how do we use KEAP to recognise when there is a new contact in the system despite on how they got into the system?

We want to email all new contacts despite how they get into the system. What will be our start goal? We cannot use tag unless there is a way for KEAP to automatically tag people when they get into the system? How do we set it up so that KEAP recognise when they come into the system. That is the question. We would prefer not to have to use any third party apps

So basically we would ideally just want to use KEAP and we want to know how we can get KEAP to work for that.

Also, can API be used to identify new user in Keap without using a third party apps? Thanks.

Hi, @CRM_Manager ,

Ok, so unfortunately, keap didn’t account for api created contacts. If a contact is manually created in keap then you can trigger tags and all that…however, if another service/product creates the contact, there is no such trigger within the app, and even then, the manual contact setting is only in max classic.

This leaves you with two options. One is zapier. You can setup zapier to raise a tag when a new contact is created. The other option is writing a small code snippet that uses the webhook for contact.add and raises the tag that way.

Wish I could say it’s more straight forward than that but this is what it is.

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Thank you, John for this insight. I really appreciate it.