Using a button to apply a tag without downloading anything

I’m looking to use buttons in an email to just apply tags without downloading anything, just they press the button a tag is applied, which can then start a campaign, but the closest I can come to it is downloading a file and attaching a tag. Am I missing something?

So, if you want the click to apply a tag, then the click needs to take them somewhere. But it definitely doesn’t need to be a file download.

You can set it up to go to any URL, and then as they click it and the tag is applied because of the action of the click. But since they’re clicking, it needs to lead somewhere.

Usually you’d have a specific page with a call-to-action that is targeted based on the reason they were clicking - but that can be a lot of work to create new pages for every single thing you want someone to click. I built a generic thank you page that I use for stuff like this.