Users from Typeform marked as non-marketable

Hey all –

I am using TypeForm on my website to collect information on a custom order. I have Typeform integrated with IFS and when new users submit the form, a follow-up sequence is triggered to help them get on-boarded (one email only right now).

The contacts are created in IFS and tagged correctly, dropped into the campaign, but nothing sends because “There is no evidence that this person has consented to receive marketing.”

How do I enable the users coming from my typeform to be marketing-enabled?

Thanks in advance.

Anybody have any ideas on how to make a third-party webform grant permissions?

Right now it is small enough to not be a big deal - I can do it manually… but I want to try and get it setup for later.

@Jason_Simmons, have you contacted the developer of the integration? There are a few vendors that have created Typeform-Infusionsoft apps.

I think we can assume the developer intended to update the email status to single opted-in via the API when the contact is created, which would suggest either a configuration issue or bug with the integration.