Use New Landing Page Editor

I’ve been seeing videos and information about the new Landing Page editor. However i don’t have access to it on my campaign builder. What can i do about this? How can i gain access to the new Landing Page editor?

Hi Frederico, I just saw a similar post in the ICP Facebook community. There is a lot of chatter about the new LandPage Builder, I too can’t wait to start using it. IS has made major strides forward so when it is released it will be ready for prime time. Everything I’ve heard is that they are close and to hold on a bit longer.


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The update for this will be soon I’m sure. Some apps are given early access to help assess the changes and identify any issues before full release, which is good news for everyone because at least real world testing gets done before just “throwing it out there”. I thought it was going to be released in the August update but there must have been a thing or two to still work out.