New Landing Page Editor/Builder

I like the direction of the new landing page editor/builder but after creating a test page, if I click on the icon in the campaign, it wants to create a new one. Anyone know where the page you create is other than the link given at the end of construction?

I am not seeing this on my end, and haven’t seen any reports of this. When I click, it takes me to the spot where I can enter a name (or rename it) but once I hit next, I am back where I left off. When you open it, is it showing you the templates page again?

I think I may have stumbled across it… testing a couple things…

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I got lucky, I had a corrupt first test. I clicked help and booyaa! there was a developer handy to show me what was up. We created another one, named it and from there it was available by double clicking on the icon in campaign builder. The first one just didn’t work for some reason. This thing is happening. I’ve been wanting to get out of INstapages for a while now. Now I can! @James_Mefford I’m so happy with all the improvements, this is going to really make me keep everything internal and I really like that a lot!


I will keep an eye out for this though, Keith. I am not sure what I managed to do, but I managed to blow out a test also, in a similar manor… now, I can’t not make it work :slight_smile: Glad you were able to get a little assistance via the help button! My initial test when I originally posted was clicking into a landing page I created a few weeks back. My second test that I think I recreated your issue on 1 time was a fresh one that i drug in and crafted. But further tests seem to be working great!

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If you create a new one then go to my templates, you’ll see it there, the one you created. Can’t remove them from My templates quite yet they say but very soon. It’s fresh but it’s quick and it’s WAY better than the old one. Tomorrow I start recreating my instapages and I’m gettin out of there. :slight_smile:

I am so glad to hear this. I am actually cooking some up for my side project. Once you get the hang of all the features, you can throw these things together in minutes!! And yes, many more exciting features will continue to grace the new landing page builder. :slight_smile:

real world grind session this morning. Converting Instapages to ISLPB. Not ready for primetime. Many great features, not enough element control. Spacing is brutal and without granular control. It’s moving fast, it’ll be the answer soon enough, I’m confident of that but I have to drop it for now and continue with Instapages since that’s where my pages are. Big launch 1st week of Nov so I’m a one legged man at an ass kicking contest right now and through that first week of next month.

Keith Im sending this feedback over to the landing page guys. They are working just as hard as they were at pre-launch to continue making this great, and feedback is their prime source of inspiration. Thanks for digging in and sharing this.

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