Landing page assistance

Hello, I am trying to create the landing page using a new campaign however it keeps landing on the template sample page. i tried to publish then save and insert clipboard to landing page sequence without luck. Any thoughts? Thanks -DQ

Hi David, just to clarify you have a new landing page that you have made changes to but when you view the direct link the Landing Page its still the sample layout, is that right?

Yes that’s correct

On the Launch tab (last tab) there is a blue “Go Live” button that you need to click to make the Landing page live.


once you click “Go Live” it will automatically copy the URL for you. I would recommend opening a Incognito Window (Chrome) or Private window (Firefox) to view the page

Pro Tip: The Landing Page “Go Live” isn’t publishing your campaign. To publish the campaign you would click the “Publish” button in the top right of the Campaign Canvas.

This will then show a “publish date” on the Campaign Builder page