Undocumented Merge Fields / Codes

Hey Guys,

I am looking for undocumented infusionsoft merge codes. So far I was able to find the codes below, but I am sure there are more.

Particularly I would like to find codes for:

  • Subject line,
  • email batch ID,
  • campaign builder campaign ID,
  • campaign builder email ID.
Merge Code Description
~HostedEmail.Link~ A link to a web version of the email
~Contact.EditPage~ A link to edit the contact record
~EmailSent.Id~ ID of the sent email. Can be used to create custom unsubscribe, confirmation and social links.
~EmailSent.PartialHash Hash of the sent email. Can be used to create custom unsubscribe, confirmation and social links.

Sources and how those can be used to build custom unsubscribe and optin links:

Date & Time Related Merge Codes

You can also find date and time related merge fields here:

Additionally the date/time “|custom()” formatter can be used with the options from this page:

Let me know if you have any other undocumented codes and I will add them to the table.

Hi, @Kim_Streich. I spoke to dev and there is no way to just pull a list of all merge fields, but they are going to help us compile a list. I’ll post what they find as they find them. Also, I can (sadly) confirm that the fields you are looking for are not exposed as merge fields.

Until I can get this into a more consumable format (somewhere in the help center), here is a Google sheet

Hey Marty, do you know why ~Contact.ContactType~ doesn’t work as a merge field? I’ve verified that the field is indeed inf_field_ContactType - but the corresponding merge syntax doesn’t seem to jive.

That spreadsheet came directly from a staff engineer who has been here longer that I have :smiley: And from what I understand, if it isn’t available on the front-end or isn’t listed on that spreadsheet then it isn’t an available merge field. So I don’t think just formatting a field like a merge field will do anything.

Did this ever get expanded beyond the google sheet?

In an automation ~EmailSent.Id~ is changed for every individual send, so I can’t track a send id back to a specific message in a campaign.

Trying to build a UTM structure that will autofill and create ease of API data pulling for an aggregator later on.