Unable to scroll down page to use longer Quick Access forms?

I have a client who uses a laptop to interact with Infusionsoft, including adding contacts using the form in the top-right of the page.

The form we’ve created is quite long so he needs to scroll down in order to see fields further down. But if you use the scroll bar in the browser (we’re both using Chrome), it will close the form and all of the data in the form so far will be lost.

He’s currently scrolling by using two fingers on the trackpad but it’s obviously very delicate and the form keeps getting closed by mistake if he clicks outside of it while scrolling.

I realise that there’s probably not a way that another user could offer a solution to this but does anybody know how I can pass this on to technical support? It seems like a relatively easy to implement feature that I’d like to have access to as soon as possible.


I assume you have set up an internal form?

Go to contacts, add contacts, choose the form.

Copy the URL

Add that to the favourites star at the top of the screen


Hope that helps


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Hi Andy,

I didn’t realise you could load a page with the internal form on it like this. I’ll send my client over the details and see what he thinks.

Thanks for the tip!

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