Unable to add an image to web form

I have a web form I am trying to add an image to. I found the instructions however I am unable to drag and drop one in. The form is “Ready” Please help!

Hi Allison, what is the issue you’re experiencing when you try and add an image to the web form? Happy to help diagnose if you can walk me through it.

It may be faster to record a quick screencast of what is happening so we can see - I recommend Jing or Loom (both free) for mini screencast videos. :slight_smile:

Hi Greg, I was unable to get Jing working and didn’t want to spend more time on the apps. I am going to Campaigns, Stress Advantage for Clients then web form. When I open it up and click on the insert tab I try to drag and drop any of the items there, image, table or divider and nothing happens. I click on them and it is not grabbing the icon for me to grab.

Hi Allison,

I’d love to help, but I’m not able to follow what you’re describing, and without screenshots or a video, I’m not sure how best to advise.

Here’s a video of how you can add images to a web form, and what the “insert” tab is designed to do. I hope this helps:

If I missed the mark, then I recommend reaching out to Infusionsoft support to see if they can walk you through this!

Thanks for creating the video Greg - really appreciate it! Most helpful!

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