Trying to to get Phone extension and user Title in Users account

I have database table ‘PhoneExtensions’ populating from infusion soft which has fields

  1. extension as ‘Ext’
  2. person name as ‘Person’.

How can i get User Title in same table ?

Not knowing how your getting the phone information in the first place, there is no way to answer your question.

So basically. In my database I have list of users infusion_users which is not getting updated with :
Title and FirstName etc. Earlier it was working. It stopped working.

So your server side database. The field to map to is Contact.Title (just Title in an array). Which api are you using? Legacy, current api or REST? The extension field would be Phone1Ext. All the field names are available here:

I want User Title not Contact Title… i am using REST API

Then change Contact to User. Same field names. Look at the user table in the link I shared.

Thank you !Do you have any idea after how much time infusion soft update users and sync in database. I want to know When test user created would reflect in InfusionUsers ?

As, It stopped updating my Database with users .

If you’re database isn’t updating then you would be using either REST HOOKS or HTTP POSTs. If REST HOOKS then check the hook status to make sure it’s still considered valid as certain server errors will make them invalidate.

Got the title field in users database. Thanks for your guidance.

one more thing There is no field in DB schema as status of User. If user is inactive and not being used what happens with that ? I want to generate report with non active users and i have no way to find out

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to track inactive users. If a user is inactive, then they are not returned with your query results. I looked to see if there was a saved search that you could grab that info with but there doesn’t seem to be that option either.

OK no problem.Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile: