Contacts "Title" Field Scheme for REST API

Hi there,

Does anyone know what is the field Scheme for a users Title for the REST API?

We tried using ‘Title’ but that did not seem to work…


Hi Luke, Just to make sure I am on the right track you are wanting the Title that is located on the “Additional Info” tab, is that right? What REST documentation are you currently using?

Hi Amanda, yes that is correct the Title on “Additional Info” Tab

We saw it listed on here, but I think this is outdated (for legacy not REST):

We then looked through this but “Title” does not appear to be here, is it
named something else? “PreFix”?:!/Contact/createOrUpdateContactUsingPUT


Ah, I only see the “Job Title” but I am checking into this more to verify what you would use.

Hi @Luke_Willoughby,

I believe you’re looking for “prefix”


@John_Borelli is correct. I just confirmed that “Title” would match up with “PreFix”

to be specific, do NOT use caps

Great thanks for that, I thought it might be that but was not too sure.