Trying to embed a vimeo video into an email

Hi there

I’m trying to embed a Vimeo video into an email in Infusionsoft.

I’ve done it loads of times before, but today it won’t work (right in the middle of a sales campaign of course!)

All the settings on the video are as usual: it’s set to can be seen by private link and can be embedded anywhere.

I’ve pasted it into my membership site without any problem in the past, so I can’t work out what is wrong.

Can you help?

EDIT I’ve solved it by making the vimeo video public. Not ideal, but it’s worked

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We had the same issue recently. Have a look that the video privacy settings are not set to private. It needs to be a public video

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Thank you Catrin!

And I just used to download it in some tricky way and use this program to reduce the size.

Well, that’s tricky indeed :slight_smile: