Why doesn't Infusionsoft allow video embeds?

Why won’t Infusionsoft allow videos to be embedded in email broadcasts? MailChimp allows videos, Leadpages allows videos. Am I missing something here?

@Lynda_Schuessler, LeadPages are landing pages not emails. It’s email providers (like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc) who will not render videos in emails. Standard practice is to include a screenshot of the video and link it out to it’s hosted URL.

Thanks, @Cheryl_Hunt. I was frustrated and missing totally the video snippet! That said, the snippet will only render videos posted on youtube, vimeo and one other service so it won’t accept my Streamhoster embed and I can’t use it with the html snippet either. I was using the screenshot and link but one of my co-workers had trouble with the link.

The video snippet just pulls in the image and will technically link out to the Youtube URL, etc. It will NOT play the video on the email.

Yes, I figured that out. Ended up creating a leadpage and linking the video image to that. Much cleaner than having someone on a YouTube channel with lots of videos.

Glad it worked out :slight_smile: