.Tracking Video Hosted on Vimeo and placed within our landing page

How can I track if a video, hosted on Vimeo, but placed in inside one of our landing pages, be tracked so we can see anytime someone has watched the actual video, We also would like to track any time a user clicks any of the buttons we place on the landing page.

The fact that it’s embeded in a landing page isn’t consequential as it’s still running as a separate entity. Zapier has a vimeo integration that could be connected to infusionsoft, though I don’t know if it will cover what buttons were pushed. I do believe it will let you know how far they watched and things like that though.

Thank you John… I was also thinking of looking into a 3rd party landing page provider, once that allows you to upload the video directly, instead of using a link to a 3rd party like Vimeo. If if was embedded, instead of linked, I might be able to find an easier way to track it… Your thoughts???