Tracking Orders by Custom Contact Field & More

I am looking for an easy way to run a sales (or orders or payment report) showing all paid orders/invoices using a custom contact location field as a parameter. I’d like it to have cost of products ordered in its own column, the order tax in its own column, and the order shipping cost in it’s own column.

I know that I can run an “orders” report (E-commerce → orders) using the custom fields as parameters, however these reports only allow me to show “order total” and not if the order has been paid/has a 0 balance.

I have also tried running a “payment report” and “all sales itemized” (E-commerce → reports → payment report and all sales itemized) but it lumps the total payment made: product, taxes, shipping, into one amount.

An “All Sales Itemized” report doesn’t allow me to use the custom field parameter and also lumps the payment amount into one sum.

Is there is an easy way to do this? Or can I create something using purchase actions or another work around?

Thank you!