Tracking Offline Campaigns and Stats

We would like to track every campaign (online, offline and any combination) that we send in our CRM system, which is now Infusionsoft. We do various direct mail campaigns, newsletters, trade-shows, seminars and even client gifts. We would like to see the following:

  1. We want to be able to see on a contact or company every campaign they have gotten from us so that we can know what they received. It would be nice to pull that company up and see all of the campaigns they got in a Tab.

  2. We also want to be able to track the stats of each campaign such as:
    a. Start and End Date
    b. Costs
    c. # Leads, # Appointments, Closed Sales, etc.
    d. ROI

We used to use Zoho CRM and it had a section called “Campaigns” where you could see just that. How can I accomplish the same thing in Infusionsoft? I know you can pull reports but if these are offline campaigns, it would require manual entry and linking, thus making the reports useless.



Hi Justin,
There are some very solid ways to track offline conversions. We do a lot of call tracking (integrated with Infusionsoft) as well as direct mail.
I’d be happy to chat with you more about it. [Feel free to schedule a time] to talk.