Tracking in-person meetings with clients

What is the best way (for which I/S is designed) to keep a record of in-person meetings with clients? If our goal is to meet with each active client once per quarter we want to keep that in the company not contact record. Then we need to be able to run a report that will list all clients and show the last such in-person meeting. Ideally we could have an alert if we are within 14 days or something of the end of the quarter and have not noted such a meeting yet.

There are a number of ways, but I think your best bet is going to be to create a “tag” for each quarter / meeting. So, Tag for this quarter would be “2018 Q3 Met In Person” you can ten tag the company and create a saved search for all companies without this tag. You will need to change the saved search next quarter for the new tag. You could also just use a custom field to save the last meeting date, but then you won’t have historical data for the companies you met with.

You can have Infusionsoft email you a saved search but you have to select the day of week, and as far as I know there isn’t a way to have it alert you if you need to meet with someone that you haven’t yet.

If you wanted some kind of a work-flow where employees could log in and see a list of who they haven’t met with yet and try to schedule them, we have built things like this for people before, and if you have tons of clients and tons of employees and the value of a meeting with a client is enough than it may be worth it for you to have someone build you something similar.