Tracking customers and possible integrations

Hi there:

So I am trying to achieve something that I am told that Active Campaign does.

I want to email my list to ask them to choose the category that they want weekly newsletters from. Once they do so I would like to be able to track their behaviour and apply tags as needed.

I am sure this will require something external but I am not sure what.

So essentially they opt-in for a Dog newsletter and we send them to the Dogs subsection of our website/. Then we track what they are doing on our site. If they read the article or an article we tag them. If they leave the section and go to cars we tag them.

Does anyone know of a way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

It seems like using a membership solution like Memberium would be able to do that for you. @David_Bullock, your thoughts?

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I am wondering if the web automation could work?

Yes web automation would likely work but may not be reliable.

Using a membership site would be more work to setup, but because the user is a member we can track them more reliably.

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