Tracking Code Issues on YourMembership and Wix Websites

Hi all,

I’ve run into some issues with the Infusionsoft tracking code on our websites. We have two sites - one built on YourMembership’s platform, one built on Wix.

On the YM site, the tracking code is in the head tag. It’s triggering on all pages, but many of our pages have URLs that are built with parameters, such as:

All of these pages are showing up in the web history for contacts as It looks like the tracker is removing the parameter and tracking all of these pages as the same page. Any ideas for how to get around this? Unfortunately, we are pretty restricted in what we can do with the website, and I don’t believe changing how the URL renders is an option. (i.e. rendering the URL as, etc.)

The other site, built on Wix, has a different problem. It turns out I don’t have a way to edit the head tag, so the only way to add the code is by using an HTML block, essentially an iframe. The problem here is that the tracker URL ends up being the iframe URL rather than the actual page URL. Has anyone else come across this problem with Wix? My only idea here was to embed the tracking code in a separate HTML block on each page hoping this would create unique iframe URLs for each HTML block, but it turns out it doesn’t.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!