Tiered pricing automation inside Infusionsoft by Keap

Does anyone know if it’s possible to automatically change pricing on existing subscriptions when a customer reaches a certain number of subscriptions. My client wants to offer tiered pricing where the price of a customer’s subscriptions go down when he reaches a certain number of overall subscriptions. These are agency clients of his.

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You wouldn’t be able to do this natively inside Infusionsoft. You would need a 3rd party system (Zapier or Integromat) to trigger each time a subscription is started. It would then update a custom field to say that a new subscription has been added, so you would add 1 to that field.

You could then set up the 3rd party to read that field and if that field is greater than 5, then they have at least 6 subscriptions and you could trigger something.

Definitely would take some time to configure properly to account for all subscriptions, canceled subscriptions, and the process of resubscribing them with the lower price point due to hitting a discount threshold.


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Thanks Jeff! That’s what I was afraid of. We have Zapier but I don’t know about it changing pricing for existing subscriptions. I guess companies that do this use a more sophisticated software than Infusionsoft.

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