The Keap contact form fails to pop-up on my website

Hi Everyone !

we are experiencing two challenges:

1- From time to time, on our computer, the API call to the contact form doesn’t succeed. In other words, the online keap contact form doesn’t pop-up. It’s like if the API call to the keap contact form fails. we cleaned the cache but we still experience the same API issue. While, in the same time, it works on other computers very well. Can you help us please ?
Please, find attached what we receive when the API call works and when it doesn’t.
Keap_API_challenge_screenshots.pdf (171.7 KB)

2- The Keap form has a submission button. We need to use the event of submission (i.e. when submission button is clicked). Is it possible that we get the code of the form itself instead of only the code that makes the call to the form online ? that will help us to gain control over such contact form events ?

Thanks a lot in advance,
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I am confused, are you describing the generated Keap Web Form (which is a piece of packaged embeddable code) or are you speaking of a custom-built form that accesses the public API?

If the former, it is not intended to be modified and should work on any machine using modern web browsers.

If the latter and you are accessing the API directly with your own code, my first suggestion would be to validate that you are correctly authorizing Access Tokens on your backend service.

Please find my answers to your questions in BLUE below,

(Attachment Keap_form_subission_trigger_request.pptx is missing)

I learnt that you don’t accept ppt, so please find below the PDF format,


Keap_form_subission_trigger_request.pdf (86.6 KB)