Terrible responsiveness of Landing Page Builder

Is anyone else experiencing terrible responsiveness with the landing page editor?

I can’t even scroll down without having to wait a few seconds. It’s creating some major issues in getting elements moved around properly and dragging out the time to edit and build by 2-3x.

Is there something I can do to improve its speed?
I know there have been some issues KEAP has been working on and I wonder if in the last update if it accidentally bogged down the editor or something.

I’m in a crunch time to finish a big project and have some big sales pages I’m trying to create and this is starting to pile on the stress.

Thoughts? Help?

It looks like it was my browser. I did a restart over the weekend to clear a bunch of caches and programs and now it’s running smoothly.

…and after working on my sales page this morning… it’s back to being choppy and slow. I’ve tried re-publishing to see if that would refresh. I’ll try exiting out and re-opening the page editor.

Also, I’m looking for the right place to leave the feedback, maybe I’ll just jump on the chat… the floating text editors are the bane of my existence! I hate floating text editors. I know this is a tricky thing to manage because it’s only editing text within a certain element. But it is so slow and always covering something up I am trying to see, reference, edit, move, copy, etc., etc., etc. It is always in the way, and its responsiveness is very slow.
So when trying to move quick and click>click>type I always end up clicking the editor by accident or selecting things I didn’t mean to because the editing box moves.
Very frustrating.

The landing page capabilities are far beyond most other editors I’ve used. It’s intuitive, it’s simple, it’s clean, it’s easy. I really do like this editor. There are still a lot of bugs and performance setbacks. But it keeps getting better little by little!

Thanks for the hard work! Keep working hard though… It’s still a bit frustrating. :smiley: