Mobile Editor not working for Landing Pages

Hi All,

The Keap/Infusionsoft help doc says when you edit a landing page using the mobile view that the desktop version WILL NOT be affected. However, whenever I make changes within the mobile view, the desktop mimics my mobile changes.

Is this a known issue or is there a simple fix?

Thank you!

Landing Page:

There is currently a couple of known issues at the moment. Not sure if it applies to the cross over from mobile to desktop display though ?

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Thank you for responding, John! Unfortunately, none of the known issues address the mobile landing page version in the builder. Hoping someone has a fix…

That feature actually never worked like that -the description is inaccurate. Technically speaking, presenting
different code based on the device would require JavaScript which isn’t supported by email clients.

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Thank you! This is a landing page, not an email. So you don’t think there is a way to have a Landing Page with a custom mobile display? I just need to move a few things around, images, etc. The automatic mobile placements that Infusionsoft did looks pretty bad.

Oh, sorry @Stacia_Sleight. Let me check. For some reason I was thinking email builder when I typed that. :blush:

So here is how it works. When you click on an empty part of a section, you have the ability to specify what device that section is visible on. These changes are not reflected in the editor at all.

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Thank you! I appreciate that. Unfortunately I want all sections to be visible on mobile, but just configure it differently to be more readable (similar to how Unbounce landing pages has a separate mobile builder)

I actually got in touch with their chat and they said although it wasn’t listed in “Known Issues” it’s a new known issue that is in the pipeline. However, no timeframe has been set for a fix yet.

Thank you all!

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I would also REALLY like to see this working properly. I want to use the landing page builder in Keap, but the lack of flexibility when it comes to being able to customize the mobile experience is a bit of a deal breaker. I also use Unbounce and feed leads into Keap. It’s unfortunate, as Keap landing pages offer some functionality that I really like e.g. being able to tag visitors using dropdown.
Does anyone know if the landing page builder in the new version of Keap is any better than what’s available in Classic, or is it essentially the same?
I have been considering making the switch, and an improved landing page builder might just tip the scale for me.

It’s now almost Feb. of 2023 and this issue still persists… I need to make a few adjustments to some text/image elements (sizing, margins, padding, etc.), but when I make changes in the mobile version, it also changes the desktop version. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: