Tax Exempt customers when using Infusionsoft Invoicing?

I’ve run into quite a few problematic areas while using Infusionsoft invoicing. We are only on our second month so I’m hoping someone out there has dealt with this and figured out a fix.

We work with out of state customers, in state customers, 501c3 charities, schools and companies who resell items. Some are taxed and some are not.

When setting up our tax rate, we used our state (TN) to set it up. When we bill a company in TN, is there a way to keep the system from charging them tax when they enter their billing information without creating a whole set of tax exempt products that are identical to the taxed ones? We have over 1000 products so to create a complete set of non taxed products seems redundant.

I have not seen anywhere that we can mark the customers as tax exempt. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Nesting Project

Hi Corinne, just to clarify you have products that apply Sales Tax but you have contacts that are Tax Exempt that you are trying to avoid charging Sales Tax, is that right?

Currently we don’t have a Tax Exempt option but you can use a plugin such as BigCommerce for your products/ordering and can do that. It will then automatically sync the orders with Infusionsoft.

Here are other plugins I found that could do that as well