Sales Tax looking for State, City and Zip?

I need to charge Utah sales tax to people regardless of their address on file. Currently, Infusionsoft looks at 3 different places for an address to match with the Sales Tax I’ve set up. Often times, we may not have that information on a customer card so here are a couple scenarios I’d like to find out their possibility or not:

  1. Whenever a new customer is created, can infusionsoft automatically make their shipping address city, state and zip anything I’d like?

  2. Is there a way to turn off the matching and have Infusionsoft charge Utah sales tax regardless?

  3. Do I need to mass update contacts periodically to make their shipping address city, state, and zip anything I’d like?

I’m open to new ideas too, let me know. Thanks!

You can set the defaults for fields. So if you wanted the state (for example) to default to utah then you would set that. If the contact ever enters a different state on a form then it would be overwritten with that but by default it would be what you set it to be.

Only way for #2, I think, is to set all states with the sales tax.

For number 3 it would depend on your need.

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How do I set defaults for infusionsoft fields? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t seem to find it.

Hi, @Logan_G,

Goto Admin->Settings and then click on the application link on the left. You’ll see what I’ve shared an image of. Click on the Contact group and in there you can set the defaults for any/all contact fields.