Sales Tax not looking at Shipping Address like it should!

According to the infusionsoft forum, sales tax first looks at the shipping address, then the address on the credit card, then the billing address.

I run a monthly subscription and this has worked for me in the past up until this month. On some contacts, it used the billing address to pull sales tax, which causes a huge problem for me to have to reconcile those for the IRS. But on other contacts it did what it was supposed to and looked at shipping address.

What the heck is going on? Is there someway I can guarantee that it will always look at the shipping address? Is this a glitch?

How old is that post you read? When states began taxing for online purchases based on where someone lives, that tax assignment should have shifted to billing address, because that is where someone would be, not necessarily the billing address though…so it would have changed at that point.

I’m not sure the date, but this is the post - Sales Tax | Max Classic. The weird thing is that it works for some contacts, but not all.

Do all the contacts have the full set of various address information? Possibly falling back to another address in cases where one isn’t available?

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John, thats exactly it. Thank you!

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