Tasks & notifications

Hi, i want to set a reminder to enter a prospect back into a ‘campaign’. i would like a notification to be sent to me via email when the task needs to be done. Presently the notification is being sent to me at the time I create the task not at the future date,

what am i doing incorrectly?

Popup reminder seems to be the only option for that (which only happens when you’re logged into the UI).

You might want to setup a delay timer in the campaign and send a reminder email to yourself when it triggers.

thanks for the advise John. I’ve pinned my tasks to the dashboard so i can see them when i login.


Then you might also benefit from the popup date/time as well. If you set it then you’ll actually get a popup reminder when logged in too :wink:

Why can’t you remove the campaign tag once client is in the campaign then at the end of campaign set a delay timer and then retag with campaign tag to put them back in or make a copy of the campaign (easy) and after the delay tag them for the copy?

Am I missing something?