Tags NOT applying in campaigns

I’m happy to inform you that our developers have resolved the issue you submitted in your support request Ticket Number : 01520752

After tag is applied or information submitted through a form, It appears in the Campaign sequence, HOWEVER, within 3 minutes the Contact disappears without executing.

I have spoken to about 4 different people since bringing this issue to light.

Fellow users, please check your campaigns that use tags. They may not be working.

@Dr_Ralph_Boyce, I’m sorry that your experiencing these issues. That ticket is in “Pending Dev” meaning waiting for a developer to finish coding, then it will go to QA for testing before being deployed.

I talked to Support and they let me know that there is a configuration error in the ticketing system that caused that email to go out prematurely for you…they are working on a fix for that as well. :flushed: