Syncing two API's

We currently use two CRM’s that are used for two different purposes. Currently, when a customer is updated in our CRM, the updated information is pushed to Infusionsoft and the contact is updated.

However, a separate team uses Infusionsoft almost exclusively, and when they modify or change information on Infusionsofts side, we would like those changes to be pushed back to our secondary CRM. Our server can do a get request for customer information, but that would be only when a customer is updated outside of infusionsoft. Is there a place where I can setup a similar trigger inside of infusionsoft to push changes to the CRM when something changes or is updated on a customer? I have read all of the information, and it looks like it is doable, we are just not sure about where to setup the triggers.

Hi @Blue_Anvil, I’m not super familiar with Zapier but you might have some luck looking through their integrations.

We don’t have anything that’s configurable in the UI that would enable you to set up triggers to update other systems. As far as using the API, there are two main ways of syncing data between systems - rest hooks and polling.

If Zapier isn’t going to work and you need to use the API, you might consider finding a Developer Partner to facilitate your integration. We have listings in the Marketplace that may help.