"Status : Waiting" in new app?

I’m wondering if it’s waiting for me to try to connect (Using Laravel/lumen, PHP 7.1, and RESTful API) I’m trying to authorize and capture the token, but as soon as I click “click here to connect to infusionsoft” I get a notice saying “unable to create access token.”

Anyone possibly have an idea why? I’m using the proper secret and client ID while also passing the registered callback URL which matches what I registered with my new app.

Thoughts on what it might be?

have you gone onto Mashery and created your app client id and secret values yet and are they “pending” or is it “active”?


I have the app client ID and secret, the status says “waiting”

But I’m curious as to what it’s waiting on?? I’ve tried to authorize it
using those credentials and I just get the “can not create access token”

It’s waiting for Infusionsoft to authorize your app request.

Do you know how long this typically takes? We already have one authorized
app that we use, this one is for testing on a new environment but the same
functions so we can keep our day-to-day business going as usual.

@MichaelFairchild I’m sure can look for you.

@Dennis_Kravets The key was activated.

For future reference this issue will happen if the developer application is in a “waiting” status inside of the developer center. A developer application can take up to 1 business day (M-F) to become active. It is waiting on Infusionsoft to become activate. To help the application get activated please…

  • Be descriptive in naming the developer application (Don’t just call it ‘test’)
  • Add a clear description of what the developer application will be doing.
  • If developing for one Infusionsoft application only create two developer applications (one for production, one for development
  • Don’t use any words that are offensive

If a developer application is waiting longer then 1 business day create an API case and we will find out why it is taking longer.


I appreciate it greatly, I did see that we were activated and everything
seems to be working flawlessly.

Dennis Kravets

Systems Manager

Centerpointe Research Institute, Inc.

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