Stale email addresses

I want to delete email addresses that have not been opened for more than 1 year. 1) How do I generate this list? Do any of you have confidence that the system is accurately noting the opens/clicks of each email? I do not want to delete emails unnecessarily. Thanks

Hi @Curt_Foreman,

Your email status search report can be used to identify by open, click, status, what you’re looking for.

However, you ask a very good question in regard to accuracy.

Infusionsoft considers an open to have happened even if the email was just shown through the preview that some email clients offer. So the open metric is very subjective. This issue even applies to using the tag trigger for opens method as there is no way, after an email is sent to any email clients, to mitigate if the open is registered as someone actually opening the email or the automatic preview triggering the open response.

Also, click rates for Infusionsoft emails are measured as ‘anything clicked’. In other words, if someone clicks unsubscribe or a social media link or an image with a url tied to it, these all will trigger a click metric just as if they had clicked a link that leads to a landing page (or anything else).

When viewing metrics in the email batch report, these are some of the details you would want to take into account before deleting email addresses based on lack of activity.

Here’s an article on List Hygiene. Also, keep an eye out for the August Release.The main feature in the release is List Hygiene automation so you can just set it and forget it #Spoiler



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Technically speaking, it’s not official until it has a release date. I’ll make a new post in the Announcements section when it’s ready.


@John_Borelli, you can see it here:

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