SPAM - Names Starting With a "5"

So I get a large number of spam contacts added by bots. I am constantly fighting it. Their first name always starts with a “5”.

I just decided to dig into it and work it out. As usual, spent about 2 hours on chat support getting no ware until the member of the team at the other end said this:

“Okay, I just checked with my resources and came to know that whenever we use an HTML code with our website and then we get a good amount of spam even if the captcha is enabled.”


Whenever we use their code, on our site, we will get loads of spam…

Are you joking? What is InfusionSoft for? Then he recommended:

“We request our customer to use the Link of that particular web form so that the spam bots doesn’t come on your app.”

So, I have to use your links to take them off my site to your forms that are formatted like a 3-year-old has been allowed at the code… yer right.

Anyway, rant over, does anyone know how to get ontop of this?

I was hoping you could use a decision diamond to separate out first names with “5” but there is not the functionality for this.

And it is only a small fix, if the “5” people can get through how do we know smarter people are not filling our lists with tripe?

@Alastair_Sanderson1 These are filled by bots. And your suspicion is valid, these bots have indeed become smarter. Now about only 60% names starts like this, other 30% use weird names like “SamSr” and rest 10% use real names like yours and mine.

The above data is based on the real data analyzed by our app SpamKill. SpamKill takes your infusionsoft form code and generates spamproof version, which can install on your website.

It does not use captchas and has been managing 100% accuracy since December 2017.

You are welcome to signup for the free trial.

If you have any questions, please feel free to mail support or send me a DM.

It’s a case of “make a better lock and you train a better thief”. Smart people write code to bypass preventions. Smarter people still write code that can determine those preventions on the fly. Whatever the case, it’s always going to be a game of cat and mouse, trying to stay one step ahead of the other.

Hi @John_Borelli,

Totally agree with the lock/thief thing. The problem is that we can’t stop developing locks. We have to fight back making it a point to make there lives hard. This would be such an easy fix for @Infusion_Soft to fix but they, for some reason can’t be bothered.

Well, maybe I can’t be bothered to give them the $1000’s I am per year!

What I still don’t understand is what benefit to these SPAM guys get from adding people to my list? If I could work this out then we could look to mitigate the benefits. This would be the best way to stop them.

Hi @Mihir_Dhandha,

I have to ask how much is your service?

Thanks, Alastair

@Alastair_Sanderson1 My bad, I forgot to include the link. It’s $21/month after 30-day trial.

You will find more information here -

@Alastair_Sanderson1 We have just launched a special promo, offering SpamKill for $9/month

@Mihir_Dhandha thanks for this. I have sent @Infusion_Soft and email to see if they will be willing to pay for this. I still feel that it is ultimately their responsibility. This is a fundamental core of the service they offer. It should not be some special add-on.

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I have been there. I have learnt that no “all in one” solution can be perfect at everything. Sure there are expert solutions in each field but then you will need several add-ons to sync them all.