Spam bots in opt-in forms

I have 4 active opt-in forms on my website. They are being inundated with spam bots. I need help in figuring out how to fix this. These forms are not in a campaign and are accessed when I go to my WP dashboard/Infusionsoft/Opt in Forms. Chat has told me that I need to contact WP.

I signed up for the Spamkill free trial and they completely stopped. Then when I went to sign up for the paid version, I am told I need to follow a series of steps that don’t make sencs to me, since they are not part of any campaign.

Does anyone have any advice?

I also read this online -" Note: Web forms published prior to February 26, 2020 need to be republished in the Advanced Automation Builder to become responsive.

What? Do I need to take more steps? What about Spam Kill? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,