Solicitors filling out my general contact form

At least once per week, I get solicitations from web companies filling out the general contact form. Any suggestions on how to prevent solicitations via our website? Can there specific email be blocked? Here is an example from today:

“Could you use some help with your rankings in the search engines? It looks like you’ve done some work or had a company do some work, but that it never got finished, so I assume you’re not getting very many visitors to your site. I’m a freelance optimizer and can do everything that needs to be done to get you ranking at the top. Please tell me if you’re interested in speaking. Sincerely, Frank Henderson”

Hi, @Elizabeth_Sandell

Yes, you can blacklist an email address or domain from filling out your forms. Also, thank you for the post. I finally figured out where Error 7726 comes from after looking at that article :smiley:


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Fantastic! Thank you! I will try it right away!

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