Form submission error 7756

Client says “I have completed the forms within that has error 7756” what does this mean and how do we fix it?

pretty sure the “form” is a landing page…

I havent seen this specific error code, so I searched the case system and haven;t seen any trace of error code 7756 in past cases.

Do you know what form or landing page they are filling out? Is it an integrated form, by any chance?

Its a landing page we use to collect client info for our trips:

We have been having a bunch of issue recently with them.

Hi Katie, I think I know what it is. I couldn’t find anything on error 7756, but do you think your client may have meant 7726? If this is the case, this can be due to a couple things. The code 7726 spells SPAM, if you use Phone spell (the letters on a phone for 7726 spell SPAM).

Infusionsoft utilizes spam security features to try to combat against the rising numbers of spam scripts that have been bombing intake forms, throughout the internet.

Infusionsoft’s Spam filter will kick in when multiple submissions from the same IP address are received in a short period of time (Which can occur if heavy testing is happening, or webforms are being filled out ‘internally’) or, if an IP address that is submitting to the form appears on a major blacklist, as our form security references major blacklists. (There are IP Blacklist searches you can find on Google, to check IP addresses against major blacklists)

If you are experiencing a number of issues with the forms, you may want to present them to the customer support team, as they will want to work to resolve anything we can.

Thanks James - this helps. I have our in house tech looking into it.