Error: Did not process request from due to Spam Sources

When i fill up into the webform, i meet this error: Did not process request from due to Spam Sources.

Pls hepl me.

Thanhxx so much!

I am from Vietnam.

Hi @Tung_Nguyen. Infusionsoft form submissions utilize IP Blacklist checks. We reference major blacklists to try to assist in preventing spam submissions. I ran the IP you listed through a check @ and found that it was listed with Barracuda Networks. This is one if the major blacklists. The only thing I can recommend is reaching out to your ISP as they will have to apply to be delisted from this blacklist.

Thkx so much.

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When I try to download an ebook or subscribe to a list this message appears. I’ve already contacted my internet provider but they can´t solve it. I’m aware this is my conection IP, but I don’t know why it is blocking downloads or subscriptions. Can u solve this?
Also, I’d like to know if the problem is with the IP, Can this be hindering the referral of my affiliate links or “deactivating” the cookies that follow along with the links?