Cloudflare blocking users from submitting forms - workaround?

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First time poster here in the dev community. Hello!

I have a question regarding an error my contacts are receiving. Several potential international contacts from countries like Hong Kong, China, and Saudi Arabia are having trouble opting in, registering, or purchasing through infusionsoft order forms and web forms.

They are getting an error message with a Cloudflare Error (1020). Screenshots below. I’m fairly certain its because each of the contacts is from a blocked IP range.

I’ve spoken with IS advanced support, and the workaround they suggest was to use third party opt in services / landing pages to push contact records into our system. This solution seems untenable for us - we simply don’t have the resources to redevelop all of our IS forms in a third party service.

Does anyone have any other solutions? If a contact used a VPN, for example, would this definitely allow them to access our content? Ideally we would have a solution that doesn’t require tech-y setup on behalf of the our contacts.


The IP address in your screenshot is listed on SORBS. There really isn’t much you can do other than use another service to collect information that doesn’t rely on an updated anti-spam database as part of its firewall.

Advertising the use of a VPN to people in countries like China isn’t something I would personally pursue.

Fair enough. Thanks @martinc - our current workaround is to manually add contacts and drop people into specific campaigns, since our overall traffic from these places is low enough to do so.

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VPN might help, but indeed, it’s not the kind of thing I’d advise to someone from China. Though, I think, they have been already using it before, so there won’t be much harm. I’d recommend reading about figleaf on this site.