Shopping cart themes

i have multiple companies and need unlimited shopping cart themes. I’m surprised this isn’t already available to customize the customer experience for emails, receipts, etc. PLEASE HELP or if there is a workaround, please tell

Firstly, I’m not an expert in the shopping cart space, but I did a bit of research and couldn’t find a popular consumer-level shopping cart platform that has an integration with us that natively supports multiple store fronts. For example, with BigCommerce, you have to buy separate shopping carts and then you can buy a partner add-on to combine them into one account.

Looks the same for Shopify and Woocommerce

Hi Martin, funny you mention this now. I was on with IFS helpdesk all yesterday about a similar issue.

I thought that IFS could accommodate multiple stores but it can handle only one at a time based on the receipt and the products you want to have seen by the customer.

As a work-around, I ended up disabling all of my products accept the ones associated with my current campaign, so that biz in basically on hold until the campaign is over… bummer!

The only thing that came close to working was I was going to be able to setup an order form for the specific products that I wanted to be seen by customers in the specific campaign. It would have worked perfectly, except IFS requires that the QTY be set to 1 , so when a customer goes to the shopping cart, they will be shocked by the total as all of the products will be in there and show Qty 1, even though the customer did not select it.

Through testing, I found that the customer would have to manually remove each product that they didn’t want, and not user-friendly because if they set it to 0, and hit ‘update’ it will act like it worked, but will actually add the qty 1 back in without any warning, so they’ll think they removed it but it will comeback. So they will need to manually remove it from the order form if that is even possible.

This would have worked great if I had only one product so maybe you could use unlimited order forms for several businesses different businesses, if you only have 1 product this could work, I’ve used it several times for event tickets and no problems because people add the qty they want and its fine. However, multiple products is the issue when you give them a choice. I believe this limitation is an easy fix that IFS should invest in fixing asap.

Unless I’ve missed something, there’s no other work-around except temporarily changing your shopping cart or the better way would be to use a custom order form, but I hope that IFS will do something about the requirement of having qty 1, and allow it to be qty 0, so that customers are not shocked by their total at the end of the form.

Also, it appears that possibly IFS is looking into allowing multiple receipts because there is an area on the ecommerce receipts page that calls for “selecting” the receipt that you want to edit, but it is currently not working. Hopefully, there is consideration being given to this limitation.

The reps that I work with (3 different ppl) were at a loss for answering any of these questions and esp about why the area was there calling for selecting from a list of receipts when currently you can only have one.

I have a software engineer background and this is totally doable, with a few tweaks maybe they will consider making a temporary quick work-around on the order form to allow everyone to use that in the meantime while they look at the what can be done to enhance the shopping cart, but as you mentioned, other’s don’t seem to offer it. At the same time, we pay the big $ to IFS to be able to have what others don’t have as small businesses.

Your thoughts (anyone)?