Setting Up a Loyalty Rewards System


I’m trying to piece together the best way to create a loyalty rewards program. The rewards program would be point based (1 loan = 1 point, ever $1,000,000 borrowed = 1 point), and we would like to set up after that the contact will receive a monthly email showing how many points they have, and to also have the contact be notified when they’ve reached enough points for a discount or something.

I know how I’d be able to set up the monthly emails, that will be a very simple email campaign, but what I don’t know how to get set up is how we could automate the point tracking and the notification email once the contact reaches the necessary number of points for the reward.

Ideally, what I want to do is to have a system that counts the number of times we “win” a contact using the sales pipeline. If I can have a method to count the number of “wins” and the dollars borrowed, and see if that can translate into some type of point system.

If anyone has any previous experience of setting something like this up, I’d really appreciate the help and guidance.


You may want to look at something like PreferredPatron. It doesn’t have an IS integration ready made though. It does have an api that can be used to integrate with but the system is pretty flexible when it comes to how you structure reward systems.

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Hi Katie, Have you found an answer to this? We are working with a software company to structure something similar but I’m trying to figure out how to get the points in a custom field to trigger a campaign action similar to what you described above.