Sending the IP Address & 2 Custom Fields of a Web Form to a Custom Solution

I am creating a Web Form that is a Subscriber Submission, meaning that I’m capturing the Subscribers First Name and Email [1]. I intend to put this on my Webpage.

In addition to the First Name & Email address, I need to capture & pass along 2 custom fields and the IP Address. I am passing these along to a custom solution.

What is the best way to achieve this? I know that Keap has to track the IP Address of a subscriber, but how can I forward this to my custom solution?



[1] Create a Web Form | Max Classic


This is not a field you can access in Keap.
The best tool for doing the is to use something like this: Contact Locator by PlusThis
This captures that info when they sign up and you can put it into a custom field to use later.


Thank you, Jeff. This is super helpful. I reached out to their support and they mentioned that the IP Address is not something they can handle either, but for KMC. I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.