Sending and Receiving Text Messages (with Pictures)

We’ve seen an increase in demand from prospects that are looking to be able to send pictures of a property they are planning on purchasing, or even submitting a request for our services that way.

I’ve looked into a few different options, but was wondering if anyone had suggestions for apps within the marketplace or if there are any tips or suggestions on implementing this?

The end goal for us is to decrease the amount of work required by our client, which should lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Hey Katie,

Simplii has an Infusionsoft integration that provides text and picture messaging with logs. Feel free to reach out to or call me @ 801-449-9829 with any questions.


There are a number of text messaging options. One system that I really like is PlusThis, as you can build complete text conversations based on someone’s reply and tag the record based on the replies.



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This thread is nearly a year since active so I doubt it’s still relevant to the OP