Looking for sms or text providers

Hi. I’m creating a 12-week campaign, and I’d like to send text messages here and there throughout it. Which third-party tools have you used? What do you wish you would have known BEFORE signing up with them? Thank you!

I love using PlusThis for texting. They not only have outbound SMS (which most other companies do), but they have a very easy to configure SMS conversation feature, where you can easily build and gather data from the end user (ask them for email address, name, etc. and have it fed into Infusionsoft easily).

I’m a Certified Partner with them, so if you click this link (below) you can get a lifetime 15% off.




HI Renae,

One thing I would look for is the ability to have 2 way text messaging. I found that people sometimes engage more via text than to pick up the phone.

One other feature is the simple dashboard and you can update/tag contacts etc.

I have used SalesMSG after comparing so many companies. Plus This doesn’t allow 2 way messaging to reply to customers. Also Plus This charges for each text message compared to a plan that gives you a certain amount of texts.

Check them out at

Hope this helps