Sending an encrypted email

Hello My name is Tanner, I work in the health industry and want to send some info that is HIPAA sensitive and would like to know if there is a plugin or some way to build encryption into my campaign thanks.


That is not something that IS has in place. While the access to the app in IS can be set for compliance, that is only in regard to accessing the app. Emails, client server security, encryption etc are all on the client side. You will want to investigate what services can provide HIPPA compliant email sending.

One option or another option … there are many out there.

I just want to make sure I understand too. Sorry. So, even if you already have a company that sends HIPAA complaint emails there is no way to integrate it with InfusionSoft so that the emails are HIPAA compliant?

The point of this thread is it is not relevant in determining HIPPA compliance. The email content is. The setting in IS for HIPPA compliance only has to do with IS as an application. It has nothing to do with what information you choose to send through emails, which is what actually determines YOUR compliance with HIPPA.