Send customer email with "Order Shipped" and tracking info


I’m looking for a 3rd party solution that will integrate USPS and FedX shipping with Infusionsoft whether an order is placed online or taken over the phone and entered into INFS manually.

Once an order is shipped it needs to automatically update INFS with the tracking number, mark the order as shipped and send an email to the customer letting them know their order has been shipped with the tracking number, what shipping was used (USPS or FedX), estimated arrival date and what they purchased. Pretty common, like every website does. Ex, the email you receive from Amazon once your order has been shipped.

Link to sample Amazon Order Confirmation email screenshot:
[Screenshot - 28cdee50f800fbd2c0a33965368dc40a - Gyazo]

Of course Amazon’s email sends the customer back to their site with the order info. I would like the tracking number to be right on the email. But I can get around that if needed.

We used to use Tactical Shipping and it worked for about a year, then it stopped working.

Thanks in advance for your help, Greg