Importing Customer Data from purchases made with Amazon Pay

i have a client who just added Amazon Pay to his BigCommerce store. While he can see that a customer made a purchase using Amazon Pay, none of that customer’s information imported over to InfusionSoft i.e. address, email, telephone. Is there a way to sync Amazon Pay with InfusionSoft?

Hi, @Maggie_Stephens. So, only orders that are paid via Amazon Pay are not coming over? Orders paid with credit cards are coming over fine? And are you only bringing contact record information or both contact and order info…i.e., are you billing them out of Infusionsoft or BigCommerce

Correct, only orders paid via Amazon Pay are not coming over. The order will show up with the customer’s name in Infusionsoft, but no customer details. It says it’s all being stored in Amazon. They are being billed out of BigCommerce

Is any customer information being stored in BigCommerce? According to the Amazon Pay FAQ:

Does Amazon provide customer information to the merchant?

  • After the customer logs in to Amazon Pay, the merchant is provided with the customer name and email address. The merchant is also provided with the customer shipping address and billing address (if Amazon Payments account is VAT-enabled) during checkout.

How can a merchant get the customer billing address?

  • In EU, billing address is provided by default. In the US, billing address is not provided. If needed, US merchants can go through the Amazon Pay whitelisting process in order to add the billing address. Contact Amazon Pay Merchant Support for futher information.