Search criteria for phone numbers

Is there a wildcard for phone numbers? I need to tag a record using an actionset if it has a number in it. Empty is simple to set up a rule for. Not Empty is causing hair loss and cortisol rise. Anyone?


I believe “Does Not Contain” and using an underscore for the value may work?

Hey John, I know this is a little old, I’m still fighting with this and can’t figure out how to tag records with or without phone 1 or phone 2. Here’s the search and results. I was trying to use an Action Set to get this done and I can’t get the searches to or criteria to work. Any ideas? I would’ve responded sooner but I’ve been working on my capstone project.

Support says there’s NO wildcard for the phone number field. So I created the action set to fire if there’s a “contains” a 1 then created 9 more criteria for “contains” from 2 - 0. That seems to work fine. Now I can add or remove a tag based on the criteria in the 2 actions sets for Phone 1. So Is Empty works and Contains 0 - 9 works.

Well that was “creative” lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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