SDK will not find company by id? WHAAAaa?

Talk about mission critical – I need to get a specific company via PHP SDK, change a custom field value, and save. Simple, right? But I can’t seem to get a single company based on its id. I can get contacts, fine, but not companies…

I’ve tried both of these approaches:

  1. $organization = $infusionsoft->companies()->where([‘id’ => ‘144844’])->get();
  2. $organization = $infusionsoft->companies()->find(‘144844’);

The first one gives me EVERY company
The second one gives me nothing.
Am I missing something or is this SDK not ready for prime time?

Ok, so after several hours of sleuthing about, I’ve discovered that I can use the request() method with ‘DataService.update’ to find and update the company’s custom field, thusly:

$infusionsoft->request(‘DataService.update’, ‘Company’, ‘123456’, [‘_SomeField’ => ‘New Value’]);

But why isn’t any of this documented?